On a sunny Saturday, March 28, 2020, I walked for one half hour in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. I carried my camera as I knew what I would find...the new urban phenomena of discarded rubber gloves littering the streets and sidewalks, dropped by frightened residents, afraid of the mysterious Corona Virus.

Twenty five gloves on Saturday, seventy eight in forty five minutes on Sunday, one hundred two in one hour on Monday, and one hundred three in fifty minutes on Wednesday, April 1st.

From my photographs, I began drawing EMPTY GLOVES as a series to fill a sketchbook, using my non-dominant hand for most sketches and focusing on the qualities and intricacies of the forms, some of which are beautiful hand gestures while others are grotesque and tragic. The metaphors are too obvious as we learn to navigate in a pandemic, unfolding and changing as I write. My own hands form a prayer mudra in hopes for the power of art in creating our brave new world.